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A talk for the International Brotherhood of Magicians

Recently i had the pleasure of being asked to do a talk for the I.B.M nonvention held this coming weekend. As they are the organisation who have put me forward for the European championships of magic, known as FISM, i was extremely excited to be apart of this event.

So then came the task of deciding what i was going to talk about as i wanted to try and talk about something of value, something that people would find interesting. From there came the title 'From nursing homes to FISM in just five years'.Within the 30 minute video lecture I run through a brief history of my career and then 6 main points thats i feel allowed me to progress the way i did. This was all in the hope that it would help some younger magicians that are stuck in the place that i was in 5 years ago and are not sure how to get out could see this as some small form of guidance to bettering them selves.

So after some consideration I thought I would include a more in depth synopsis of my career to date for anyone who is interested to know where i've been and what i have been lucky enough to do.

Start of my career 2015.

After an infatuation with magic for the previous two years a young 16 year old magician who called him self 'Taylor Tricks' had his very first real gig. It was a Chinese new year event at a nursing home in the city centre of Swansea there may have only been 30 people in the room and I was only performing to them one table at a time but it might as well been live at the palladium as my nerves had me shaking. But that feeling of making people smile, laugh and sit in amazement from that day has never left me its been the spark that has started the flame of my career which is nothing but growing 5 years on.

Proceeding this event was 2 years of nursing homes small Welsh pubs and the birth of my own show called 'Impressions of Reality'. Where in I would book some local magic acts and comedians to put on a small cabaret show of around 90 minutes it was a learning curve in the organisation of a show and gave me the skills i needed to sell out my own show even if it was only 50 seats.

2017 The house of Illusion.

Next came the biggest step in my career where i auditioned for the very prestigious House of Illusion based in Salou, Spain and was lucky enough to have been offered the job. I started out the summer of 2017 performing big scale stage illusions for the very first time. This had its challenges, such as learning how to walk on stage with strength and power, but thanks to the amazing team around me i was taught the basics that grew into the stage craft that you see today. This was the greatest summer of my life i learned so much about magic and myself and even began to put into motion what would become the act that i eventually will be competed in the European championships of magic. The amazing summer season came to an end when i returned back to Wales in the November of 2017.

2018 The evolutions of my stage acts.

In march of 2018 I returned to the House of Illusion once again but this time i was prepped and ready with my balloon act and the debut of my new and improved stage persona 'Mr Wonderful'. I developed three brand new stage acts and really leaned into my English gentleman character for the first time. I also grew my knowledge and abilities in magic more than ever before with help from amazing friends and colleagues. When the summer of 2018 came to the end I won the most improved award at the entertainment company I was working for and I had a feeling of pure pride that I had accomplished a clear goal of setting out a character and creating acts to suit it.

2019 Mr wonderful in stride.

This was an amazing year where I continued to work on both my character and my acts finally adding the addition of the balloon popping at the end of the routine which really brought the act together. I also grew the ability of compering and hosting shows after hosting over 100 of the 'House of Illusions' sold out shows, while also expanding to other venues such as the beautiful Potters resort in Norfolk, UK. After three years at the house of illusion I was promoted to the head magician which was an amazing feeling to follow in such amazing magicians like Matt Edwards from Britains got talent, Mathew Wright(FISM winner) and more.

202o The year of no plans.

Then came the year of Covid 19 which lead me to relocate to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk from Spain and after 5 months of planning and rehearsing i am now finally ready to hit the stages of Norfolk and the rest of the Uk with my brand new show of beautiful stage magic mixed with jaw dropping illusions. I your in the Norfolk area send me a message to find out when my next live show will be.

I would like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read through this. I hope your doing well through these difficult times and i cant wait to see you all in an audience very soon !

Taylor Morgan MMC

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