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Mr Wonderful the whole story.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

So for the past three years now my full. stage name has been 'Mr. Wonderful Taylor Morgan' and i thought i would take this opportunity to explain where it came from because there is a really amazing story behind it.

As i have explained before previous to my time at the House of Illusion i used to go by the name of 'Taylor Tricks' which although it seemed to have served me well at the time it was completely wrong, fort me and my image, and it took a amazing magician and good friend by the name of Phil Jay to point this out to me.

So came the task of finding a new name throughout the year of 2017 i searched for the perfect name and was completely unsuccessful until one day I had the bright but simple idea of using my middle name 'Morgan' as i felt it has a much stronger sound on stage. So Taylor Morgan was born and it worked but i felt like something was still missing little did i know that a practical joke was about to change my stage persona for the rest of my life.

In September of 2017 two of the most important women came to see me at the House of Illusion, My mother and grandmother. This was such a pleasure after 6 months of not seeing them i was so excited for them to see the new and improved magic i had been working on day in and day out for the last summer of my life. After the show the whole cast sat down together with both my grandmother and mother to tell them what id been up to for the past few months.

At this moment My grandmother started to share a story that i hadn't heard in many years about my nickname as a child. You see she never really liked my name and didn't want to call me Taylor. So she started to call me 'Mr.wonderful' and carried on for the rest of my childhood. As i grew up it became some form of a distant memory almost forgotten until my grandmother had brought it up again on the night in question. After my friends and fellow cast members heard this they had a smile from ear to ear with clearly a plan in mind.

Next comes the following night and i walk into the spotlight to take my call for the show and through the speakers comes the words 'Mr. wonderful Taylor Morgan' everyone in the casts eyes light up as i took my bow knowing that i did not see it coming. At the time i'll be honest I was a little annoyed but I could see the funny side little did I know that three years on I would still be using that very same stage name that started off as nothing but a joke.

When working on my character after this I realised how much Mr. Wonderful suited exactly what i did and the english gentleman style that i hold very proudly now. So this is a big thank you to great friend by the name of Liam Devine as i believe he was the brains behind the joke in the first place, without him none of this would have happened and Mr wonderful would have never seen the light of day.

Finally Thank you to my amazing grandmother, Ann, without her not only would Mr wonderful not have happened but none of these amazing things would have been possible. She has been the rock of unconditional support not only through my career but my life, and I walk out onto stage with nothing but pride knowing that Mr wonderful is all because of this truly outstanding woman and i hope that one day i can repay her for all she has done for me.

Thank you for reading i appreciate you all and hopefully will see you all soon.

Taylor Morgan MMC

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