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If your looking for one of the UK's best stage performers and want a big production for your next event then look no further. Taylor Morgan and his new full illusion show, otherwise known as Wonderful Illusions, is perfect for those big stages and even international audiences. Taylor Works with some of the UK's best dancers and fire artists to bring you and all round entertainment spectacular including fire, danger, levitation and so much more. You can book Taylor Morgan as an illusionist now for the very best of stage craft for your next corporate show or private event. 

Taylor Morgan has performed his Wonderful Illusions act in circus, theatres and corporate shows. Most recently being a cast member of the Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth, in their world famous Halloween Spooktacular 2020. He was extremely well received by both audiences and bookers so if you would like to add something spectacular and a big stage production then get in touch now. 


Cast of Wonderful Illusions

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Rebecca Foyle

Rebecca is an extremely talented young dancer and fire performer who has now turned her hand to the life of an illusionist. She started her professional career competing in Hip hop dance competitions all across the world including Las Vegas and Australia. When wanting to further her skills she began to learn how to be a fire artist and has even developed an incredible hula hoop act. Rebecca even performed her fire act as a part of the Britains Got Talent semi finals on live TV. She is an outstanding all round performer and will be a brilliant addition to the Wonderful Illusions act.

Corporate magician Taylor morgan

Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan otherwise known as Mr Wonderful. Taylor has now gone back to his roots performing big stage illusions as he did in his very first show at the House of illusion. After 4 years of homing his talent and finding his unique style and character Taylor now has one of the cleanest and most elegant stage shows in the UK, not only with his powerful and clear  talking acts but his manipulation skill and ability and now he has the big stage productions to top it all off.

The Team is growing

As the production is getting bigger the need for more people also grows. Wonderful Illusions will be adding more amazing and talent people to its entourage very soon and we cant wait to show you all what they can do. 

If your a Dancer with or without any speciality skills and would like the propest of joining the Wonderful Illusions team on the big stage please send over your C.V at Info@wonderfulmagician.com 

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